No Identities Were Available Error When Validating an Archive in Xcode

Ran into an incredibly annoying issue the other night when trying to upload an app to the App Store for review. When I would try to validate the archive it would give an error saying “No identities were available” and “An administrator must request identities before they can be downloaded.”

After fiddling around for a bit not making any progress I found a great post from Anthony Tietjen on how to troubleshoot validation issues. After the bundle IDs matched everything ran smoothly, I was able to get the app validated and uploaded without any further issues. 

Tomorrow: A Text Editor Theme

Seen this Tomorrow-Theme on HackerNews today and I really like it. I usually always like to tweak my text editor’s theme but for some reason the thought never crossed my mind with Xcode. 

To add the theme to Xcode just drop the .dvtcolortheme file in the UsersYourUserLibraryDeveloperXcodeUserDataFontAndColorThemes. If you do not have a FontsAndColorThemes folder just create a new one. You will also need to restart Xcode if it is currently running.

Code Created When Using ctrl + Drag to Connect UI Elements in Xcode 4

I was curious what code is generated in Xcode 4 when you ctrl + drag from a UI element to the header of the xib’s view controller.

For outlets, Xcode will create the @property in the header file and add a @synthesize to the implementation file. It will also add an entry to the viewDidUnload method to set the value of the outlet to nil. If your implementation file does not have a viewDidUnload method one will be created. Here is the code made for a label outlet:


@property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet UILabel *label;


@synthesize label;

in the viewDidUnload method

[self setLabel:nil];
For actions, Xcode creates an entry in the header and an empty method in the implementation file. Here is the code generated for an action:


– (IBAction)buttonPressed:(id)sender;


– (IBAction)buttonPressed:(id)sender {


Keyboard Shortcuts For Moving Around in Xcode

Using Xcode on a 13″ monitor gets pretty cramped so I need to be able to hide parts of Xcode I don’t need when I’m done using them. Here are the keyboard shortcuts to show/hide the 3 view areas in Xcode:

Navigation –  Command key icon0

Debug –   Shift iconCommand key iconY

Utilities –  Option or Alt key iconCommand key icon