Readability Icon in Reeder 3.0

The Readability icon centered at the top of every article after the Reeder 3.0 update is driving me nuts. Even with the service turned off the icon remains, pressing it does some special formatting of the article’s text. With the simple background/text and the little icon in the center, all I can think about is that “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster.

I really wish I was more offended by this, Reeder takes up so much of my time it would be nice to reclaim some of that. Reeder is easily the most used app on my iPhone. My RSS addiction was so bad at one point that I would print a list of my unread articles, cut them up, and rub them in my gums to get my fix if I had no network connectivity. Pretty grim. Anyway, I have the RSS patch now and have moved on from that dark chapter of my life.