Huzzah! New ChronoCat Update Almost Ready

Finally wrapping up the new 3.1 update for ChronoCat, will be very happy to finally kick this one out the door. Changes include:

  1. Colors! – You will now be able to set a color your event countdowns and change the app’s navigation bar color. 
  2. New Date Pickers – Brand new date pickers used for the add and edit event views.
  3. Bug fixes – Lots of bug fixes. What started out as a pretty simple feature add (colors) ended up triggering a rewrite of a large portion of the app.

There is still a little bit of work still to do before submitting but I’m hoping to have it in to Apple later this week.

ChronoCat and iOS 8

iOS 8 is out but there is no ChronoCat update, what’s up with that? 

ChronoCat 3.0 is on the way! What new?

1. ChronoCat will become a paid app, no longer free with ads. What does this mean for existing users? You get the upgrade for free! Thanks for downloading the app 😀

2. Universal Device Support! No longer will ChronoCat be iPhone only, like an animal. Instead it will work natively on all iOS devices, like a non-animal.

If things keep going smoothly ChronoCat 3.0 should be out in late October or early November. 



ChronoCat 2.3, Still Coming Soon, I Assure You

Holy feature creep! ChronoCat 2.3 keeps getting bigger and bigger. Along with all the new changes mentioned in my previous post I have also finally added event editing. Reminders, locations, event names, dates, or photos can now all be changed after creation.  

This also means old events made pre-2.3 can be edited to include a location or reminder instead of having to delete and recreate them. Thank Kitty Pryde for sending my consciousness into the past and allowing me to prevent this dark future timeline from occurring. That future, one where events had to be deleted and remade to add a reminder or location instead of simply being edited, will now never happen.  

Anyway, just a bit more testing and 2.3 will be submitted to the App Store for review. With any luck it will be out sometime later this week 😀


ChronoCat is Now Available Free on the App Store!

My first iOS app, ChronoCat, has been approved by Apple and is now available for download on the App Store.

ChronoCat can be used to remember special events in your life or to count down to an upcoming event. Keep track of birthdays, upcoming vacations, your wedding day, anniversaries, your last doctor visit, vet visits, holidays, historic events, life/employment milestones, and more. Download it now for free!

If you need any help with the app or have any questions you can reach me on Twitter @ChronoCatApp or at [email protected]