Another WWDC Notification Option

Already signed up for the notification but I’m not a big fan of having a single point of failure so I wanted to find something else.

Just signed up for an ifttt account the other day and this task sounded like a perfect fit for ifttt (if website changes, then SMS me). Did a quick search of their premade recipies and found one for a WWDC SMS notification, very cool.

Now I’m up to two different services to send me an SMS when the WWDC site changes, long time until the 2013 WWDC so hopefully I will find one or two more before then.

WWDC 2013 Notification

If I have any hope of making it to WWDC 2013 I have to start preparing now. Step #1 for me was to signup for the handy WWDC notification service offered by wonderful folks at Now when the 2013 tickets go on sale I get an SMS message, very cool.