Moved to WordPress, Hopefully Nothing is Broken

Just completed a move over to WordPress from Squarespace for Overall Enthusiasm and I think I managed to keep mostly everything on the site working 😀

Nothing too exciting in the reason for the move from Squarespace, I just work with WordPress more in my day job now and wanted to get more familiar with day-to-day life on the platform. Since you can import/export back and forth between the two it ended up being a pretty easy process.

The one thing I couldn’t be bothered to fix from the import was the time zone messed with some post dates which in turn tweaked some post URLs as I use the post date + page title for those.  Since it only effects posts that were published late in the evening I’m going to just let it slide, yay lazy!

5 Options For Puchasing a Used or Refurbished Mac

I really love Apple products but I usually struggle with the sticker price of a new MacBook. My solution for this has been to buy a used or refurbished MacBook to save a bit of money and it has worked out pretty well for me so far. I just purchased my 3rd used MacBook and am very happy both the laptop and the couple hundred dollars I saved.

Here is a list of a few options for buying used and refurbished Macs. I’m sure there are more good options out there but these are the ones I came across during my most recent search or have used before:

  1. Apple’s refurbished store – Everything from the Apple refurb store comes with a one year warranty, the option to purchase Apple Care, a new battery, and everything user-facing is new. The guts of the system have been tested and certified by Apple but everything else is basically brand new.
  2. – This site tracks Apple’s refurbished store and can provide handy details like what is available, how many of said item is in stock, and more.
  3. – Just bought my last used laptop from PowerMax this last week and everything went great. They offer decent prices, great service, and a 90 day warranty with and option to extend it to 6 months. 
  4. Ebay – This is where I got my previous MacBook and I was pretty happy with it. Found a cheap MacBook that was a bit roughed up but otherwise worked great.
  5. Gazelle’s Ebay Store – They have reasonable prices on a lot of MacBooks but be careful as a lot seem to come without power cables. If you do a bit of digging you can find a laptop with a cable and little damage for a decent price. The bonus of choosing the Gazelle store over plain Ebay is that they offer a 30 money back guarantee. This adds a little peace of mind as spending hundreds of dollars on used consumer electronics can be a bit stressful. Almost went with this option before I chose PowerMax.

One site that annoyed me during my search was called GainSaver which sells hobbled MacBooks with 512MB of ram, their network card removed, and is running a perpetual sale that ends daily at midnight. By the time I was done building a functional laptop I would be spending more than if I had bought a comparable laptop at any of the other places listed above. I actually found a video that I think shows the basic process of them prepping a laptop to be sold:

Huzzah! My Mailbox Invite Arrives

My Mailbox invite came today, I’m very excited. The only downside is I never archive any emails in my gmail account, the unread count is all I care about. That don’t fly with Mailbox as the app’s badge is currently at 7200 emails in my inbox. No idea if that is actually how many emails I have or if it is some kind of cap. Well, I’m off, going to play with the app some more.

Abandon Macy’s Headquarters

Here is a neat article by Philip Thomas that explores the mostly abandon Macy’s midwest  headquarters in St. Louis. It kind of reminds me of a less dystopian version of Lana Sator exploring a Russian rocket factory from a couple years ago.

Some of the shots from the factory with the green lights reminds me a lot of Midgar from FF7. Makes me want to replace my right hand with a gatling gun, form an eco-terrorist group, and go find some Mako reactors to blow up.