iOS 6 Out Tomorrow

Backup your iOS devices tonight so you can slam the servers right at the 10am release like everyone else. My first gen iPad will be officially obsolete come tomorrow, it didn’t even get a pity update like the 3gs is getting.  I will do the right thing tomorrow morning and put it down, I don’t want to see it suffer. Funded reached it funding goal today though I am a bit unsure what that means. seems to be taking the “Field of Dreams” approach to social networking and are building the platform for people who don’t want ads. 

I hate ads but since I use Tweetbot for iPhone I never see any. I don’t use Facebook so I don’t see ads there either. I want to succeed but I’m not sure what that would look like. are they wanting to be an upscale Twitter? How will it reach critical mass? Only time will tell, I’m glad it at least was funded so I can sit back and watch how all of this turns out.