Stay Awake: Caffeine for Mac and Windows

Caffeine is a great little utility that does one thing: keep your computer from falling asleep.

Now you’re probably thinking, “No link on the word ‘Caffeine’ in the first sentence? What an ass!“, but hold your judgement for a second. The reason I didn’t is that the Mac and Windows versions of Caffeine are made by two different software companies. The Mac version of Caffeine is Made by Lighthead Software and the Windows version is from Zhorn Software

So, how do I use it? First, I set my computer to turn off the monitor after a minute because lighting up the screen is a big drain on the battery. Then, when I’m actually using the system, I flip on Caffeine so I don’t have to worry about the monitor going out. This way I don’t have to constantly fuss with screen/power settings, just click the cup icon and go.