Archer Season 4 Premieres January 2013, Maybe

Still not able to find any kind of official announcement from FX on when season 4 of Archer begins but it looks like it will premier around the same time it did last year, in January. The 3 episode Heart of Archness’ arc did air in September of 2011 but the rest of Season 3 began in January 2012.

The fact that season 3 premiered in January along with this blog post and the IMDB entry for the first episode of season 4 I feel pretty confident saying it will premiere sometime mid-January 2013.

New iPad Name Predictions

I feel there are two possible ways the new iPad naming could go:

#1. A new smaller iPad is called the “iPad Air”, the old iPad name stays the same.

#2. The new smaller iPad is called “The New iPad” much like the iPad 3 was when it was new. Then all old iPads will be “iPad Classic” and anything Retina is “iPad Pro”.

Bonus #3. The other super obvious name for a shrunken Apple product is to append “nano” to the end of it but I think that is the least likely route.

I would suggest Apple go with option #2 because there is so much name recycling involved in that scenario that it certifies the new smaller iPad for EPEAT Gold right out of the gate, glued battery and all.