iTunes 11 Released Today

iTunes 11 made its debut today and it is definitely a step up from its predecessor. I am really liking the new interface and how your library, devices, and the store are on different tabs. Everything feels a bit snappier too and I’m using an ancient Macbook 1,1 running Snow Leopard. 

Mactracker: a Great Mac Hardware Reference

Mactracker is a cool little utility for OS X that has info on every(I think) Apple product released from 1984 to now. As you can probably guess from the app’s title, you can use it to track the Apple products you currently own. This is a handy way to inventory your hardware and be able to easily reference if it is still covered by warranty.

This app is free but beware, it had a bit of a Wikipedia Hole effect on me. I started with the Newtons and then ended up trying to figure out what old Macs I had used throughout elementary/middle/high school. My school district was all Apple products, which I hated as I always had a PC growing up, constant compatibility headaches(can’t open a file, etc). 

Anyway, pretty sure it was a lots of Perfroma 630s until the candy colored iMacs came out when I was in high school. After I solved that mystery I was finally able to close Mactracker and write this post. I’m pretty sure I just unlocked some kind of blogging achievement linking to a post within the post, nice.