The 6 Best Sketch Comedy Series Ever

Here is my list of the best sketch comedy shows ever. They are not ordered because greatness has no numerical value!

  • The Chappelle Show – Legendary, from the Player Haters Ball to cutting the head off of a baby dinosaur, every episode is a gem.
  • Upright Citizens Brigade – Great cast and the show that has one of my favorite skits of all time, Ass Pennies.
  • The Peter Serafinowicz Show – This show along with Snuff Box give me the cry alones at night because they only ran for one short season. The salt in the wound was Running Wilde being canceled, need to find a new way to get my Serafino-fix. Lately I have just been printing his tweets, cutting them up and rubbing them into my gums just to get by.
  • Little Britain – Solid. Too much good stuff. My only wish for this show is that they have an episode where Vicky Pollard attends a Fat Fighters meeting.
  • Snuff Box – Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher, ’nuff said.
  • That Mitchell and Webb Look – Someday I would love to make a Numberwang iOS game, I just need to master the rules first.

No, SNL is not on the list and that is for one reason: it has been running longer than all of the other shows on this list combined. SNL could have only 10% watchable content and that is still a longer run than any show on this list.


Thing I Miss From Mac While Using Windows


  1. Two-Fingered Scrolling – Best part about it is you only have to hover the mouse over the window you want to scroll, not focus on it. Very cool.
  2. Quicksilver – Love me some Quicksilver. Though Mighty Box does a pretty fair job of filling that void when I’m on a Windows box.
  3. Futura – Never really paid much attention to fonts, not my bailiwick. All the Comic Sans hate goes right over my head. Then I found Futura and I have got to say, I like it about as much as a non-font-fan can like a font. I mean, we don’t like hang out or anything but we do say “hi” in the halls at work. Not to mention it’s a mere 2 letters shy of being Futurama, so yeah.


How I Use Facebook

  1. Login
  2. Sort through any requests or notifications
  3. Possibly send a friend request if I recognize someone in the suggested friends area
  4. Set all the new privacy settings from “Everyone” to “Friends”
  5. Logout
  6. Repeat once every three to six months

Thing I Miss From Windows While Using a Mac

First post of a two-parter, the next post being the inverse or bizzaro version of this post.

  1. Explorer – I was originally going to just put Explorer’s address bar here but when I thought about it I realized something, Explorer beats Finder at just about everything. I’m not even an Explorer “fan” but Finder leaves a lot to be desired. Might have to give PathFinder a try and see if it is any better. 
  2. Ripping USB Drives Out – Even though I use an old Mac laptop as my “main” computer now I still use Windows both at work and home, everyday. I always just rip a USB drive out, I never go through the trouble of ejecting it. Doing that on a Mac however gives you an angry dialogue box. I will learn someday.
  3. RDP – Remote Desktop is fast. So fast, in fact, that I thought my router was dying the first time I tried using VNC. I’m saddened that Mac does not have some kind of RDP equivalent but it does at least have an RDC app that allows you to remote into Windows machines. Small victories. 



Adult Swim, 10 Years of Watchable Cartoons

Adult Swim turned 10 in September so I wanted to list my top ten favorite shows from them over the last decade.

  1. Sealab 2021 – Without question this is my favorite Adult Swim show. I learned many things from Hank Murphy in his short two and a half season tenure as the Capitan of Sealab. The top three would have to be not taking my mustache off when asked to, that there can be only none, and that Alvis killed for my sins. RIP Harry Goz.
  2. The Boondocks – Woke up in a cold sweat when I realised I posted this list without the Boondocks on it. Crisis corrected.
  3. The Venture Brothers – Gets better and better every season as it builds on itself and fills in the back stories of the various characters. 
  4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force – I could really relate to this show as I worked in fast food when it came out.
  5. Moral Orel – Season three is both funny and slit-your-wrist depressing, hauntingly good.
  6. Frisky Dingo – Another great Adam Reed/Matt Thompson creation(Sealab being the other). 
  7. Metalocalypse – I’m not a huge metal fan so it took me a little while to give this show a chance but when i did, it was over. Great show, as to be expected from the creator of Home Movies.
  8. Squidbillies – I think this show is based on a true story, not certain though.
  9. Harvey Birdman, Attourney at Law – “Cookies on dowels!” ~Phil Ken Sebben
  10. Tom Goes to the Mayor – Still hope to eat at a WW Lazers someday.


5 Apps Easing My Transition From Windows to Mac

tl;dr Dropbox, Evernote, Grab, Pixelmator, CrashPlan


Dropbox: Awesome for accessing data across all my mobile devices. Kind of a swiss army knife of web storage because of all the other things you can do with it. I myself have used to to host images, create custom icons for my iPhone homescreen, sync iPhone apps to it(i.e. a notes or password manager app), share files, and host a simple static webpage. That is just what I have done with it, I’m sure there are many, many other ways to use it.
Help yourself to my Dropbox referral link if you don’t already have the service:


Evernote: I still hand write a lot of my notes as I feel it helps me retain information a bit better. The downside to handwritten notes is that they aren’t searchable and you would always have to carry the notes with you for it to be useful. My solution to this is to write my initial notes then catalogue them away in Evernote for easy searching and accessibility. The other benefit to this approach is that I’m going over my notes twice, once while writing and then again when typing them in to Evernote.


Grab: Grab is a utility built into OS X that provides the same functionality that the Windows 7 Snipping Tool does. At work I am stuck on a Windows XP machine and I have yet to find an acceptable screenshot program that matches Grab or Snipping Tool’s level of functionality.


Pixelmator: One problem for me moving to Mac was that it does not have a built-in Paint-like program. I use Paint pretty sparingly on Windows but it’s perfectly for me if I need to draw an arrow on a screenshot or to sloppily add a mustache to a cat. Within an hour of playing with Pixelmator I was able to match my productivity on MS Paint with it. Again, “productivity” is a pretty relative term here as I use Paint mostly to mess around but I am now as competent with Pixelmator as I am MS Paint. 


CrashPlan: My backup solution before CrashPlan consisted of data backed up to various hard drives with many of them having duplicate or out-of-date data. Not a great system to say the least. Can’t remember exactly where I first heard of CrashPlan, possibly an ad from the free version of Evernote I’m using, but I decided to give it a try. Very happy so far. Great pricing, cross-platform, and very easy to use. Also has an iPhone app that lets you can check backup progress as well as browse and download files.

5 Favorite iPhone Apps

Here are my 5 most used apps for iPhone:

  • Reeder RSS reader
  • Instapaper for saving articles
  • BeejiveIM Instant messanger
  • Jump RDC/VNC viewer
  • Dropbox for iOS lets me easily load files onto my phone. If I have a PDF or ebook that I want on my iPhone/iPad I can throw it into Dropbox on my laptop, open it on my phone, and then send it to iBooks to read it. This is less of an issue with wireless syncing in iOS 5 but old habits die hard and I still do it this way.