Important Drafts Update

I thought I was missing a few notes in Drafts but I figured I just deleted them. Agile Tortoise released an update today fixing an issue with certain entries not appearing in your list if they started with punctuation marks.

Both of the notes that were missing started with the format: —Title of Post—

Installed the update and the two entries I was missing are now back, all is right with the universe, thanks Agile Tortoise!

Piazza Updates iOS App

Piazza pushed out an update yesterday that added some much needed functionality to their iOS app. The ability to mark/view favorites, working @post# links, as well as a filter by tag option all contribute to make this app way more usable now.

Drafts for iOS

Been looking for a system that does not feel clunky for quickly jotting down ideas for blog posts and I think Drafts for iOS has finally ended my search. Simple interface with just the character/word count and four controls, from left to right: new note, view notes, search notes, and an action menu. The actions include send to email, the clipboard, Omnifocus, Dropbox, and Sparrow just to name a few. All this goodness for only .99¢, very nice.

Chrome for iOS

Chrome for iOS was released today, here is my pros/cons list for it:

Bookmark Syncing
View open tabs on other synced systems
Swipe between tabs
New tab screen is like the desktop version of Chrome, has panels of your most visited sites
An Omnibar

No Nitro JavaScript Engine
Can’t set as system default web browser

If you use Chrome on the desktop this is a no-brainer, get it. The 2 cons I listed are pretty minor. Don’t really care about JavaScript running slightly faster and changing the default web browser has become less of an issue to me lately. Sparrow and Reeder have built-in web browsers, as do many other apps, so changing the default browser is almost irrelevant. Even if you don’t use Chrome on the desktop I would recommend Chrome for iOS. The UI is slick and it has an omnibar, those reasons alone are enough to move from mobile Safari.


30/30 for iOS

30/30 is a simple, stylish little timer app for iOS that makes use of gestures to create/edit/delete your tasks. I only have 2 complaints I have so far: you can’t choose the color of the task, you must cycle through until you get the color you want, and you can’t set the alert tone. Beyond that I have been happy with 30/30.

It’s also free with an option to donate if you like it, can’t beat that.