No Sound with AirPlay Extended Desktop on Mavericks

Been running into an annoying intermittent issue with AirPlay’s extended desktop feature where sound is not being played by the TV, it just continues to use the laptop’s built-in speakers. Restarting the laptop fixes the issue but that is annoying so after some digging I was able to find that the service “coreaudiod” is the one responsible streaming the sound (and possibly AirPlay all together, killing it breaks the connection to the Apple TV).

Just kill the coreaudiod process with Activity Monitor, restart AirPlay extended desktop, and that’s it, back to enjoying your talkies!

iOS 6 Passbook Cannot Connect to iTunes

Upgraded to iOS 6 today and wanted to play around with the new Passbook app but I ran into an issue with it connecting to iTunes. Pressing the App Store button in the Passbook app opened the store but it would just show a generic ‘cannot connect to iTunes’ error. The App Store on my phone was otherwise totally functional.

Here is a link to an Apple forum post with a fix for the issue. The problem in the forum post is for an iPad 2 having App Store issues but it worked for my Passbook/iPhone issue too.

Unable to Run “Update All” or Download specific Apps in iOS App Store

Ran into an annoying issue on my iPhone where I would get an error pressing the “Update All” in the App Store. It would act like it was going to start downloading an app(s) but would never prompt for a password and then fail with a generic error asking if you want to retry. Would also get the same error if I tried updating a single app or reinstalling on of the 10 apps needing an update at the time the error started. I could however download other new apps without issue.

Had a similar issues a while back so I gave that same solution a try and that seemed to correct the problem. Not sure what it is but I seem to be a stone cold iPhone-App-Store-database mangler, iExplorer is a lifesaver.

OmniFocus for iOS Exits Shortly After Launch

Not sure if it was from the iOS 5.1 update but recently OmniFocus on my iPhone would close about 8-10 seconds after starting the app. Found the solution from a helpful user in the review section on the App Store, reset your database. The reset database option is at the bottom of the settings pane, press that and problem solved.