HBO, Thanks For Not Supporting AirPlay and Not Letting Me Forget It

The HBO GO app does not support AirPlay, well, you can beam audio but not video. Fine, I accept you don’t support AirPlay, lets move on. Oh wait, I can’t forget about, AirPlay is prominently displayed as one of the few on screen controls in the app.

There are only 5 controls on the screen (progress bar, rewind 30sec, play/pause, volume, and AirPlay) and one is completely useless. 

I’m not sure what HBO thinks it is stopping by blocking video streaming, you have to be a paying HBO customer to use HBO GO. Lame.

In-App Purchases in Paid Apps Piss Me Off

I can’t quite put my finger on why I hate this so much.

If I had a choice I would always choose to purchase the feature complete version of the app and not deal with IAP all together. I wouldn’t even care if the full featured version cost more than buying it piecemeal via IAP in the free version, just let me pay and move on.

I think part of my hang up could be that not all IAPs are re-downloadable. That is one of the major reasons I began purchasing software through the App Store. I never purchased movies/tv/music from iTunes until the capability to re-download content was added. The product is digital, it costs nothing for me to re-download it and you can verify I purchased it through my account history.

Well, /rantoff, I feel better now.

Enough with the Dub-Dub Already

I like the NSBrief podcast but I think I have found a new pet peeve at the beginning of this week’s show: Saying “Dub-Dub” instead of WWDC.

Mind you this extends beyond WWDC and applies to all uses of “Dub” to pronounce the letter W.

This is up there with some of my other “great hates” including being given directions to a location when I ask for an address, people mispronouncing wolf as “woof”, or Katherine Heigl.


Family Tech Support Weekend

Here is a list of the basic process I go through when working on family members’ Windows computers:
  • ComboFix
  • MalwareBytes
  • Uninstall many toolbars and “optimization” programs
  • Windows Updates
  • Update anything Adobe

I know a lot of the problems they have are user error, no amount of virus scanners or updates can stop something from installing yet another toolbar. Windows without proper maintenance becomes an absolute mess over time.

I have one relative that I setup with a Hackintosh and the only phone calls I have gotten are about how to use iPhoto. I thought the Hackintosh would blowup at some point but it did only come with one instruction, never run system updates. I guess that is way simpler than the instructions for Windows: update X/Y/Z, don’t do A, never do B, etc. I wish more of my relatives had Dell 10Vs, would save me a bunch of time.

My One Annoyance with Squarespace

Been very happy with Squarespace so far, I’ve stuck with it longer than any other blog platform I have played with over the years.

My one major complaint: SSL login is not available for the basic-level plan

That is the one feature I would like to see added to the basic plan. This makes it a bit of a headache if I want to login when I’m out and about on public wifi. Then I have to either login using the app on my phone over 3G(err, I mean “4G”) or use logmein to remote to a computer at my house and make a post. Not an ideal setup.

Beyond that I have no complaints, Squarespace rocks, though a bit insecurely for some plans.



Your Opinion is Shit, Mine is Stuff

Horseshit? Really? I felt the need to write a quick post about a Joshua Toplosky article on To me, it comes off like an audience member watching George Carlin doing his bit about stuff and then jumping up and screaming “Nuh-Uh, My stuff is stuff and your stuff is shit!”. It just comes off as insecure to me to attack others opinion and not address what they are saying. Either ignore it or make a case for why what they said is wrong.