Bigger Screens Show More Stuff: Deep Thoughts From Farhad Manjoo

Pretty sure I have hated just about every article I have stumbled across from Farhad Manjoo and his post on Slate from Wednesday was no exception.

He takes issue with Apple calling the iPhone 5 the “best iPhone ever” which makes me question if Farhad has ever seen any company release a successor to an existing product ever. Of course a company calls the new version of a product the best ever. If it’s not an improvement over the previous generation, why would they bother making it and hold a press conference to talk about it? Even if all they did was a spec bump to the 4S it would be considered the best iPhone ever. 

He then has a problem with them replacing the 30-pin connector and the “endless hassles” this will cause for users. The dock connecter came out in 2003, how long do you want it to stay around? Not to mention the new dock connect takes up 80% less space in the phone, that is huge in a space so small. 

Well I’m done ranting, think I have learned my lesson and will make sure to check the author before I read an article on Slate to prevent Manjoo induced rage.

Never Forget, AT&T Hates You

AT&T is finally making FaceTime available over 3G!!! But only for customers with one of their new shared data plans….

I have been with AT&T for a long time but I’m getting to the point where I will probably jump ship with my next phone. Both Verizon and Sprint have 4G networks here in tiny Eugene, if the next iPhone has 4g capabilities I might just pay the termination fee and leave AT&T early.

Bonus tangent: I don’t know what it is exactly it is about shared data plans I hate so much but I would rather share my toothbrush than my monthly allotment of data. 

Twitter Really, Really Hates 3rd Party Developers

More awesomeness from Twitter today directed at 3rd party app developers including API rate limiting and a limit to the amount of users you can have. They even include a graph called “quadrants of ecosystem development” to break it all down.

I only use Twitter with third party apps but I am a nerd who only occasionally tweets. I wonder what the reaction will be of normal users when something like Tweetbot stops working. Will they angrily leave Twitter? Or will they just download the official app and move on?

Update: Changed my initial title as it was way to close to the title of Mr. Gruber’s article on the same subject.

Use a Real Host Please

It’s 2012 and the amount of free to low cost hosting services has only become more abundant over the last few years. So why do I keep seeing pages go down when they are linked to by Hacker News?


I can only assume it’s very smart people who want to host their blog themselves, they are so smart they don’t need your hosting service. They know how to install WordPress or maybe they rolled their own sweet custom CMS. Good for them. The thing is, I need you to have a decent host to see your super smart blog post.

When I get a message like “Error establishing a database connection”, I’m done. I don’t bookmark it to come back or write the link down to read it later, I forget about it. 


Sparrow had an update this last week, wish they gave the wording a once over, looked slapdash (pictured below). TUAW had an article today about Sparrow replacements but after reading their names I couldn’t even bare to open the App Store to look at them.

The first suggestion was to use the iOS’s built in email app. A great suggestion when talking about replacing Sparrow, an app that replaced the default email client…

The second was the gmail client, which would be great, if I only used gmail. I don’t.

The last 2 I didn’t even want to look at, the naming for them was so asinine I nearly went blind. Camel-case and mashing together a bunch of words does not make for a compelling product name.

Most Ridiculous Start-Up Article Published Today

Wow, hating on two Farhad Manjoo articles in one day, he must be doing something right.

His article over on Pandodaily makes me draw the conclusion that Farhad has always lived in places where all of his local OTA channels have always come in flawlessly and he thinks everyone should just purchase DVR hardware to capture them. In my experience it has always been hit or miss, some stations don’t come in great in certain parts of a city, bad reception in apartments, etc.

Paying a little bit of money every month to have perfect reception and DVR capabilities sounds pretty nice to me. If price is your major sticking point then don’t buy it, let the market hash that out. I for one would give Aereo a try if it was available in my area, I would also love the option to purchase local TV from other markets but I’m sure that won’t be an option any time soon.

Cisco (verb): To Be Consumer Hostile

I’ve have always had a pretty good opinion of Cisco, well, now not so much. I currently use a 5th generation Airport Extreme that has been great but before that I very nearly purchased a Cisco E4500 that I found on sale at a Best Buy. Even though I’m spoken for as far as new routers go I do get questions from friends and family about which router they should buy, I now have one less answer.

Cut Off Titles On iOS App Store Are Annoy…

Not sure if smaller text or word wrapping are considered not stylish but if an app title is longer than 20 characters in the iOS App Store it gets truncated. Call me old fashioned but I wouldn’t mind seeing the full title of an app before buying it. Here are 3 examples all taken from the Featured/New section of the App Store:

Del? Plus what? Sup with you?

Readability Icon in Reeder 3.0

The Readability icon centered at the top of every article after the Reeder 3.0 update is driving me nuts. Even with the service turned off the icon remains, pressing it does some special formatting of the article’s text. With the simple background/text and the little icon in the center, all I can think about is that “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster.

I really wish I was more offended by this, Reeder takes up so much of my time it would be nice to reclaim some of that. Reeder is easily the most used app on my iPhone. My RSS addiction was so bad at one point that I would print a list of my unread articles, cut them up, and rub them in my gums to get my fix if I had no network connectivity. Pretty grim. Anyway, I have the RSS patch now and have moved on from that dark chapter of my life.