Three Ways to Quantify Your Progress Building an App

I’ve been working on ChronoCat for about 10 months now and sometimes it’s fun to stop and quantify that progress. It’s easy to check how many times the app has been downloaded but what about measuring your personal progress and milestones?  Here are a few of the ways I keep track of how far I have come while building ChronoCat:

  1. Lines of code – You can count the lines of code in your own Xcode project by running this snippet I found on StackOverflow in your app’s project folder. ChronoCat is purely Objective-C so I removed the C++ bits from the snippet, here is what it looks like for me:   find . “(” -name “*.m” -or -name “*.h”  “)” -print0 | xargs -0 wc 
  2. Git commits – Git has a handy commit count command built right in: git shortlog -sn
    If you have multiple branches in your git repository add the –all switch to include them. 
  3. How much time has passed – For counting the time I use (drumroll please) ChronoCat! Just make a new event with your product’s creation date and you’re done.

Here are stats for ChronoCat 2.5:

  1. Just over 4000 lines (Version 1.0 weighed in at about 950 lines of code)
  2. 123 commits
  3. Started 258 days ago