ChronoCat 2.3, Still Coming Soon, I Assure You

Holy feature creep! ChronoCat 2.3 keeps getting bigger and bigger. Along with all the new changes mentioned in my previous post I have also finally added event editing. Reminders, locations, event names, dates, or photos can now all be changed after creation.  

This also means old events made pre-2.3 can be edited to include a location or reminder instead of having to delete and recreate them. Thank Kitty Pryde for sending my consciousness into the past and allowing me to prevent this dark future timeline from occurring. That future, one where events had to be deleted and remade to add a reminder or location instead of simply being edited, will now never happen.  

Anyway, just a bit more testing and 2.3 will be submitted to the App Store for review. With any luck it will be out sometime later this week 😀