Initial Thoughts on TeamTreehouse

Signed up with TeamTreehouse a little while back to give some of their iOS programming videos a shot and I have been pretty happy with it so far. Since I have accumulated a few badges I wanted to share my initial thoughts.

One thing I have liked so far with the TeamTreehouse is the length with videos, most coming in at between 5-10 minutes. This is very short compared to trying to work through one of the 60min+ Stanford lectures. You can also download the videos to watch later offline.

The two things that have bugged me so far would have to be the length of the tests and the fact that the site’s forums are hosted on Facebook. 

The tests are only 5 questions long, not really enough to feel like you have grasped a subject all the way. I would like to see the tests have more along the lines of 20+ questions but that is just me. 

When I found out the forums were on Facebook I had a Solent Green moment, “The forums are made of people errr, I mean hosted on Facebook!?!”. I am not a Facebook fan and joining a Facebook group to get programming questions answered was a definate non-starter. 

Well those are my initial thoughts on Teamtreehouse, think I’ll stick with it at least another month or two until I work through all the iOS, design, and business videos they offer. Here is my referral link for TeamTreehouse if anyone else wanted to give them a try.