Easily Use GMP in Xcode with GMPInt

When trying to work through a few of the Project Euler problems I kept running into an issue when trying to calculating big numbers accurately. Enter GMPInt, a handy Objective-C wrapper for GMP, the GNU Multiple Precision library. Just install GMP, link to the libgmp.dylib library in your Xcode project, drop the GMPInt header and implementation files into your project and your ready to go.  

300 Free to Use iOS Tab Bar Buttons

Looking for some free to use tab bar buttons for a personal or commercial project? Then checkout the Galuca Project which offers 300 free icons in both standard and retina resolutions. The icons are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License so you can share, remix, and commercially use these icons, with attribution. 

Also, If you like the icons and want to say thanks the the artist(s) they do have a link to donate to the project via PayPal.