Bigger Screens Show More Stuff: Deep Thoughts From Farhad Manjoo

Pretty sure I have hated just about every article I have stumbled across from Farhad Manjoo and his post on Slate from Wednesday was no exception.

He takes issue with Apple calling the iPhone 5 the “best iPhone ever” which makes me question if Farhad has ever seen any company release a successor to an existing product ever. Of course a company calls the new version of a product the best ever. If it’s not an improvement over the previous generation, why would they bother making it and hold a press conference to talk about it? Even if all they did was a spec bump to the 4S it would be considered the best iPhone ever. 

He then has a problem with them replacing the 30-pin connector and the “endless hassles” this will cause for users. The dock connecter came out in 2003, how long do you want it to stay around? Not to mention the new dock connect takes up 80% less space in the phone, that is huge in a space so small. 

Well I’m done ranting, think I have learned my lesson and will make sure to check the author before I read an article on Slate to prevent Manjoo induced rage.