Quote #19

“Alright then! We’ve got the lovely Wendy here to sing her irresistible siren song and lure unwitting mariners into the closet, then we shanghai them and make them think of a plan.”

– Captain Hank Murphy

“SkyDrive is Great” Says VentureBeat, Ignores Privacy Concerns

VentureBeat has an article today about how great SkyDrive is and that nobody has recognized this greatness.  Doesn’t look like they addressed the privacy and content concerns SkyDrive presents in the article though. Here is a link to an article about someone being locked out of all of their Microsoft services because of a photo stored in their SkyDrive was deemed obscene. That article came out in July, I even wrote a small post on it when I found it.

SkyDrive looks like it functions great, just be careful when your blasting off “To the Cloud” that all of your content is PG-13 or less.

Small Victory For iOS 6 Maps

Lots of complaints on the internet over the last few days about the new maps used in iOS6. For me though it has actualy worked a bit better for than Google maps for one very small use case. It now says I am on the right street when making a Day One journal entry!

I did say this was a small victory. It does now list me on the right street but it lists a range of addresses that do not exist. I’ll take that over being listed the next street over any day. 

Dismiss iOS Keyboard With Any UIButton

I was messing around yesterday making a simple iOS practice app and I ran into issue where a UIButton was visible above a text field so I wanted the keyboard to be dismissed if the user hit that button while editing. Turns out it is stupid simple, all you have to do is have the UITextField resign as the first responder when the UIButton is pressed.

I added the line [myTextField resignFirstResponder]; to the UIButton’s IBAction method and that’s it, the keyboard is now dismissed when a user hits the UIButton.

#import “…” or #import <...>?

Ran into this silly issue earlier tonight so I thought I would make a post in hopes of never forgetting it again:

#import “…” is for normal header files located in your project

Example – #import “myViewController.h”

#import <…> is for system headers that you want to use in your project

Example – #import <CommonCrypto/CommonDigest.h>