Weekend Quote #4

Wow, two days in a row I had posts with hate in the title, let me lighten things up a bit with a quote.

“I spent a semester in Africa harpooning giraffes, and giraffes are basically just land space whales.”

Dr. Amy Wong

Never Forget, AT&T Hates You

AT&T is finally making FaceTime available over 3G!!! But only for customers with one of their new shared data plans….

I have been with AT&T for a long time but I’m getting to the point where I will probably jump ship with my next phone. Both Verizon and Sprint have 4G networks here in tiny Eugene, if the next iPhone has 4g capabilities I might just pay the termination fee and leave AT&T early.

Bonus tangent: I don’t know what it is exactly it is about shared data plans I hate so much but I would rather share my toothbrush than my monthly allotment of data. 

Twitter Really, Really Hates 3rd Party Developers

More awesomeness from Twitter today directed at 3rd party app developers including API rate limiting and a limit to the amount of users you can have. They even include a graph called “quadrants of ecosystem development” to break it all down.

I only use Twitter with third party apps but I am a nerd who only occasionally tweets. I wonder what the reaction will be of normal users when something like Tweetbot stops working. Will they angrily leave Twitter? Or will they just download the official app and move on?

Update: Changed my initial title as it was way to close to the title of Mr. Gruber’s article on the same subject.

App.net Funded

App.net reached it funding goal today though I am a bit unsure what that means. App.net seems to be taking the “Field of Dreams” approach to social networking and are building the platform for people who don’t want ads. 

I hate ads but since I use Tweetbot for iPhone I never see any. I don’t use Facebook so I don’t see ads there either. I want App.net to succeed but I’m not sure what that would look like. are they wanting to be an upscale Twitter? How will it reach critical mass? Only time will tell, I’m glad it at least was funded so I can sit back and watch how all of this turns out.