Evernote Can But Dropbox Can’t?

Looking through the settings of the of the Evernote iOS app I noticed there is a link to preorder the new Evernote Molskine notebook. It looks like it just opens a webview and takes you to the Evernote online store were you can preorder a notebook. I’m not really sure how that is different from the Dropbox issue that happened a few months back.

The option to make a new Dropbox account in an iOS app led to a page that sold premuim Dropbox subscriptions that were not purchased using your iTunes account. I wonder if Apple is getting a cut from this “external mechanism” or if it just flew under the radar?

New iPad Name Predictions

I feel there are two possible ways the new iPad naming could go:

#1. A new smaller iPad is called the “iPad Air”, the old iPad name stays the same.

#2. The new smaller iPad is called “The New iPad” much like the iPad 3 was when it was new. Then all old iPads will be “iPad Classic” and anything Retina is “iPad Pro”.

Bonus #3. The other super obvious name for a shrunken Apple product is to append “nano” to the end of it but I think that is the least likely route.

I would suggest Apple go with option #2 because there is so much name recycling involved in that scenario that it certifies the new smaller iPad for EPEAT Gold right out of the gate, glued battery and all.

Giving Evernote Another Shot

With the announcement of the new Moleskin Evernote notebooks I think I am going to jump back into using Evernote again.

If I write something I am way more likely to retain it without much effort, I don’t get that same effect from typing my notes. But then my hand written notes aren’t easily searchable, I have to thumb through everything to find what I am after. That’s why notes on a computer are so great, they are searchable and can sync to all my devices.

I’m hoping this new Evernote Moleskine notebook will solve the analog-to-digital divide in my current note taking routine. One nit-pick I do have though is I wish they came with covers that weren’t so busy, from a distance it looks kind of like ants running from a charred catfish.

Quote #5

“Well, I think the robot devil said he loved me in Bender’s voice wearing Granny Hestor’s clothes… I wanna go home!”

– Philip J. Fry