Migration Complete

Overall Enthusiasm’s migration to Squarespace 6 is now complete. Pretty easy process, didn’t even need a guide to finish it.

After updating my account from the old personal plan to the new basic plan I was able to link my new site with my old Squarespace 5 account. Last thing I had to do was change the domain’s A record with my registrar and it was done.

Well, I take that back, spent the last two hours tinkering with the new templates.

SkyDrive: Microsoft Looks Through Your Private Folders

Wow, if you use Microsoft services (Email, Xbox Live, etc) and use SkyDrive, beware. If Microsoft finds anything offensive in your SkyDrive you are going to be locked out of everything attached to that Live account. This includes everything in your private folders on SkyDrive, not just the public facing files. Pretty comforting to know some Microsoft employee is digging through your things making sure anything you have on your SkyDrive doesn’t violate their asinine TOS.

To the cloud! 


Squarespace 6 Goes Live

Squarespace today announced the public release of the latest version of their blogging engine, Squarespace 6. This new version is completely separate from the previous Squarespace 5 so if you want to move over you will have to do so manually. Thankfully the fine people over at Squarespace have posted a handy guide on migrating your content over as well as an FAQ for existing v5 customers to help with any questions.

One issue I have run into with my tinkering is the linking of my new Squarespace 6 account to my old v5 account. I have yet to switch my v5 account over to one of the new plans after the recent pricing tweak so I get the error pictured below. Beyond that it has been pretty painless, after some more tweaking I think I’ll go ahead and officially make the jump and switch over to Squarespace 6.

Most Ridiculous Start-Up Article Published Today

Wow, hating on two Farhad Manjoo articles in one day, he must be doing something right.

His article over on Pandodaily makes me draw the conclusion that Farhad has always lived in places where all of his local OTA channels have always come in flawlessly and he thinks everyone should just purchase DVR hardware to capture them. In my experience it has always been hit or miss, some stations don’t come in great in certain parts of a city, bad reception in apartments, etc.

Paying a little bit of money every month to have perfect reception and DVR capabilities sounds pretty nice to me. If price is your major sticking point then don’t buy it, let the market hash that out. I for one would give Aereo a try if it was available in my area, I would also love the option to purchase local TV from other markets but I’m sure that won’t be an option any time soon.

Important Drafts Update

I thought I was missing a few notes in Drafts but I figured I just deleted them. Agile Tortoise released an update today fixing an issue with certain entries not appearing in your list if they started with punctuation marks.

Both of the notes that were missing started with the format: —Title of Post—

Installed the update and the two entries I was missing are now back, all is right with the universe, thanks Agile Tortoise!