Most Ridiculous Start-Up Article Published Today

Wow, hating on two Farhad Manjoo articles in one day, he must be doing something right.

His article over on Pandodaily makes me draw the conclusion that Farhad has always lived in places where all of his local OTA channels have always come in flawlessly and he thinks everyone should just purchase DVR hardware to capture them. In my experience it has always been hit or miss, some stations don’t come in great in certain parts of a city, bad reception in apartments, etc.

Paying a little bit of money every month to have perfect reception and DVR capabilities sounds pretty nice to me. If price is your major sticking point then don’t buy it, let the market hash that out. I for one would give Aereo a try if it was available in my area, I would also love the option to purchase local TV from other markets but I’m sure that won’t be an option any time soon.