Cut Off Titles On iOS App Store Are Annoy…

Not sure if smaller text or word wrapping are considered not stylish but if an app title is longer than 20 characters in the iOS App Store it gets truncated. Call me old fashioned but I wouldn’t mind seeing the full title of an app before buying it. Here are 3 examples all taken from the Featured/New section of the App Store:

Del? Plus what? Sup with you?

Updated: iOS Programming Resources List

Here is my running list of useful iOS programming resources from around the internet:

Cheat Sheets






Readability Icon in Reeder 3.0

The Readability icon centered at the top of every article after the Reeder 3.0 update is driving me nuts. Even with the service turned off the icon remains, pressing it does some special formatting of the article’s text. With the simple background/text and the little icon in the center, all I can think about is that “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster.

I really wish I was more offended by this, Reeder takes up so much of my time it would be nice to reclaim some of that. Reeder is easily the most used app on my iPhone. My RSS addiction was so bad at one point that I would print a list of my unread articles, cut them up, and rub them in my gums to get my fix if I had no network connectivity. Pretty grim. Anyway, I have the RSS patch now and have moved on from that dark chapter of my life.


30/30 Update

Binary Hammer just released an update to 30/30 that allows you to change task colors, totally nullifying one of my complaints. They also added a fix to make the alarm noises louder and last longer. Although you still can’t select your own tone this is a step in the right direction.

Twitterific’s Ollie on Jimmy Kimmel

Seen Iconfactory’s Twitterific mascot Ollie on the Jimmy Kimmel show after game two of the NBA finals. This is at least the second time I’ve seen it used, wonder if the Jimmy Kimmel show got permission to use Ollie or if they found the image by Googling “twitter bird”. 

30/30 for iOS

30/30 is a simple, stylish little timer app for iOS that makes use of gestures to create/edit/delete your tasks. I only have 2 complaints I have so far: you can’t choose the color of the task, you must cycle through until you get the color you want, and you can’t set the alert tone. Beyond that I have been happy with 30/30.

It’s also free with an option to donate if you like it, can’t beat that.


Omnifocus Price Drop

Not sure exactly when it happened but the Omnigroup recently cut the price of the wonderful GTD app Omnifocus in half. Now you can grab the iPhone/iPad/Mac versions of Omnifocus for $10/20/40 respectively, very cool. Not sure how permanent this is so grab it while you can.

HBO, Thanks For Not Supporting AirPlay and Not Letting Me Forget It

The HBO GO app does not support AirPlay, well, you can beam audio but not video. Fine, I accept you don’t support AirPlay, lets move on. Oh wait, I can’t forget about, AirPlay is prominently displayed as one of the few on screen controls in the app.

There are only 5 controls on the screen (progress bar, rewind 30sec, play/pause, volume, and AirPlay) and one is completely useless. 

I’m not sure what HBO thinks it is stopping by blocking video streaming, you have to be a paying HBO customer to use HBO GO. Lame.