Chrome for iOS

Chrome for iOS was released today, here is my pros/cons list for it:

Bookmark Syncing
View open tabs on other synced systems
Swipe between tabs
New tab screen is like the desktop version of Chrome, has panels of your most visited sites
An Omnibar

No Nitro JavaScript Engine
Can’t set as system default web browser

If you use Chrome on the desktop this is a no-brainer, get it. The 2 cons I listed are pretty minor. Don’t really care about JavaScript running slightly faster and changing the default web browser has become less of an issue to me lately. Sparrow and Reeder have built-in web browsers, as do many other apps, so changing the default browser is almost irrelevant. Even if you don’t use Chrome on the desktop I would recommend Chrome for iOS. The UI is slick and it has an omnibar, those reasons alone are enough to move from mobile Safari.