on Samsung’s “Head Start”

Really enjoyed the article on about the Samsung Galaxy SIII getting a “head start” on the yet to be released iPhone 5. I don’t think I’ve seen that term used in regards to cell phone hardware before but I like it. It does beg the question: how will Samsung beat the iPhone 4S with its mighty 8 month head start?

I also liked the part about how launch day demand is as high for the SIII as it was for the 4S:

Also in Frankfurt some 100 people were in the queue this morning when the Deutsche Telekom shop on the city’s busiest shopping street The Zeil opened.

That’s about the same as when the latest iPhone went on sale,” said 21-year old Steven Barth, who was taking orders at the shop. “I think our publicity campaign also helps. We are giving away about a hundred Galaxys today, in this shop.”

I suggest for the Galaxy SIV launch that Samsung check how many people lined up for the eventual iPhone 5 and then give away twice as many phones. Boom, the SIV has 2x demand that the iPhone 5 does on launch!