The 6 Best Sketch Comedy Series Ever

Here is my list of the best sketch comedy shows ever. They are not ordered because greatness has no numerical value!

  • The Chappelle Show – Legendary, from the Player Haters Ball to cutting the head off of a baby dinosaur, every episode is a gem.
  • Upright Citizens Brigade – Great cast and the show that has one of my favorite skits of all time, Ass Pennies.
  • The Peter Serafinowicz Show – This show along with Snuff Box give me the cry alones at night because they only ran for one short season. The salt in the wound was Running Wilde being canceled, need to find a new way to get my Serafino-fix. Lately I have just been printing his tweets, cutting them up and rubbing them into my gums just to get by.
  • Little Britain – Solid. Too much good stuff. My only wish for this show is that they have an episode where Vicky Pollard attends a Fat Fighters meeting.
  • Snuff Box – Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher, ’nuff said.
  • That Mitchell and Webb Look – Someday I would love to make a Numberwang iOS game, I just need to master the rules first.

No, SNL is not on the list and that is for one reason: it has been running longer than all of the other shows on this list combined. SNL could have only 10% watchable content and that is still a longer run than any show on this list.