No Pushing! Sparrow for iOS

I love Sparrow for Mac but I was a bit apprehensive about getting the iOS version as it has no push. Decided to setup a pros and cons list to see if I should give it a shot:


  1. No push or fetch options, the app must be open to grab mail.


  1. Mark all as read button- To me this is a killer feature. I’m don’t open every single email I receive and that adds up pretty quick, now I’m one button press from a clean slate.
  2. Great UI, much better looking than the native iPhone client.
  3. Easy to use swipe navigation is a joy to use.
  4. A bonus side effect of turning off the native email client’s fetch/push feature is that it saves battery life. Much like an RSS reader it now is only downloading new content when Sparrow is opened or refreshed.

After making the list I took the $2.99 plunge and grabbed Sparrow for iOS. Been very happy with it so far, it has even usurped the iPhone’s native email client’s position on my home screen dock. It being front and center on my dock should be enough of a reminder to check my email from time to time.