iA Writer and Byword for iOS

Recently downloaded both iA Writer and Byword for iOS after I decided to move my notes away from Evernote to plain text files on Dropbox.

Started with iA Writer and loved it, one annoyance though is that it always seems to default to iCloud even after linking it to Dropbox . It will reopen to whatever Dropbox note I was editing when the app was closed, but backing out of that note sends me to the iCloud folder, not the Dropbox folder. Just a minor bug that I’m sure will be dealt with at some point.

I then downloaded Byword and gave it a shot, been very happy so far as it does not suffer from the one major gripe I have with iA Writer. Verdict: both are clean and easy to use but I think I’ll stick with Byword, it has a few more options than the ultra-minimalist iA Writer, one being the ability to set a default folder.