No Pushing! Sparrow for iOS

I love Sparrow for Mac but I was a bit apprehensive about getting the iOS version as it has no push. Decided to setup a pros and cons list to see if I should give it a shot:


  1. No push or fetch options, the app must be open to grab mail.


  1. Mark all as read button- To me this is a killer feature. I’m don’t open every single email I receive and that adds up pretty quick, now I’m one button press from a clean slate.
  2. Great UI, much better looking than the native iPhone client.
  3. Easy to use swipe navigation is a joy to use.
  4. A bonus side effect of turning off the native email client’s fetch/push feature is that it saves battery life. Much like an RSS reader it now is only downloading new content when Sparrow is opened or refreshed.

After making the list I took the $2.99 plunge and grabbed Sparrow for iOS. Been very happy with it so far, it has even usurped the iPhone’s native email client’s position on my home screen dock. It being front and center on my dock should be enough of a reminder to check my email from time to time.

Two Phases

I have found that when I use my Apple TV there are two distinct phases of use.

Phase 1: Using the Apple TV to watch Movies/TV shows on Netflix or local videos via XBMC

Phase 2: Trying to find the remote to my Apple TV so I can watch another video

Thinking of adopting the system gas stations use to keep track of bathroom keys, by chaining it to a hub cap or piece of wood.

iA Writer and Byword for iOS

Recently downloaded both iA Writer and Byword for iOS after I decided to move my notes away from Evernote to plain text files on Dropbox.

Started with iA Writer and loved it, one annoyance though is that it always seems to default to iCloud even after linking it to Dropbox . It will reopen to whatever Dropbox note I was editing when the app was closed, but backing out of that note sends me to the iCloud folder, not the Dropbox folder. Just a minor bug that I’m sure will be dealt with at some point.

I then downloaded Byword and gave it a shot, been very happy so far as it does not suffer from the one major gripe I have with iA Writer. Verdict: both are clean and easy to use but I think I’ll stick with Byword, it has a few more options than the ultra-minimalist iA Writer, one being the ability to set a default folder.

OmniFocus for iOS Exits Shortly After Launch

Not sure if it was from the iOS 5.1 update but recently OmniFocus on my iPhone would close about 8-10 seconds after starting the app. Found the solution from a helpful user in the review section on the App Store, reset your database. The reset database option is at the bottom of the settings pane, press that and problem solved.


I See What You Did There

Funny post on CNN featuring Gawker Media’s Nick Denton in which he says the comments on his sites are so bad that he “doesn’t engage” anymore. Hmm, there is no way that this could have been fallout caused by the terrible redesign and mass user exodus of a year or so ago, could it?

Sites like Hacker News and Slashdot continue to have great comment sections that actually add value to the articles I read. Interesting to see Denton criticize his remaining users after he chased away most of the intelligent people with that horrible redesign. 

What a List…

InformationWeek this morning has an article titled iPad Apps: 10 Hidden Gems, pretty sure it was rushed and/or not reviewed.

A couple of gems include referring to VNC as a “Virtual Network Computer”, listing Clear (an iPhone only app), and showing iPhone screenshots for Tweetbot instead of pictures from the iPad version.