Mega-Crisis Averted! Apple Makes Slight Adjustment to iBooks Author EULA

On Friday, Apple updated the EULA for its iBooks Author software to clarify that Apple, in fact, does not own the content of your book. What Apple does own is the rights to a cut of the profits if you decide to sell a book that is in Apple’s proprietary format and made on their free software. Authors still have the right to freely distribute a book made with iBooks Author as long as they don’t charge for the book.

I have been a bit dumb-struck by all the outrage on the internet about the original terms for the free iBooks Author software. To the people who are outraged, I have one question: How is the iBooks Author EULA any more evil than any other publishing house currently in existance? If you distribute your book through Penguin, Harper-Collins, or whoever, they own it. If you sign with one of these established publishing houses for a series of books, they can choose to stop publishing your books mid-series and block you, the author, from ever releasing that content to your fans.

So, I assume now that all the angry “writers” out there will be turning their pitchforks from Apple to all the other publishing houses who still engage in this unspeakable evil, right?