Thing I Miss From Windows While Using a Mac

First post of a two-parter, the next post being the inverse or bizzaro version of this post.

  1. Explorer – I was originally going to just put Explorer’s address bar here but when I thought about it I realized something, Explorer beats Finder at just about everything. I’m not even an Explorer “fan” but Finder leaves a lot to be desired. Might have to give PathFinder a try and see if it is any better. 
  2. Ripping USB Drives Out – Even though I use an old Mac laptop as my “main” computer now I still use Windows both at work and home, everyday. I always just rip a USB drive out, I never go through the trouble of ejecting it. Doing that on a Mac however gives you an angry dialogue box. I will learn someday.
  3. RDP – Remote Desktop is fast. So fast, in fact, that I thought my router was dying the first time I tried using VNC. I’m saddened that Mac does not have some kind of RDP equivalent but it does at least have an RDC app that allows you to remote into Windows machines. Small victories.