My Apple TV is Useful Again, Thank You XBMC!

I live in the stone age. I have no flat screen TVs that have an HDMI port. TVs to me are boring, like car insurance, the cool stuff is what you plug into the TV. Anyway, I received an Apple TV 2 as a parting gift from my previous employer, bought an HDMI-to-RCA/S-Video converter, and have been watching Netflix on it ever since. That is until mid-November when I ran an update and killed it.

Trying to watch any video on Netflix after the update would generate an HDCP error and not play, cool trick. After the December 4.4.4 update provided no relief I decided to jailbreak it and see if that helped at all. Success, doing that solved my HDCP playback issue, I can again watch Netflix on my gross, unwashed SD TV.

From there I installed NitoTV and through that, XBMC. The Apple TV 2 has now replaced a laptop I was using as a media center because it can now play Hulu, Netflix, and any video on my server(.avi, .mkv, etc).