Thing I Miss From Mac While Using Windows


  1. Two-Fingered Scrolling – Best part about it is you only have to hover the mouse over the window you want to scroll, not focus on it. Very cool.
  2. Quicksilver – Love me some Quicksilver. Though Mighty Box does a pretty fair job of filling that void when I’m on a Windows box.
  3. Futura – Never really paid much attention to fonts, not my bailiwick. All the Comic Sans hate goes right over my head. Then I found Futura and I have got to say, I like it about as much as a non-font-fan can like a font. I mean, we don’t like hang out or anything but we do say “hi” in the halls at work. Not to mention it’s a mere 2 letters shy of being Futurama, so yeah.


How I Use Facebook

  1. Login
  2. Sort through any requests or notifications
  3. Possibly send a friend request if I recognize someone in the suggested friends area
  4. Set all the new privacy settings from “Everyone” to “Friends”
  5. Logout
  6. Repeat once every three to six months

Thing I Miss From Windows While Using a Mac

First post of a two-parter, the next post being the inverse or bizzaro version of this post.

  1. Explorer – I was originally going to just put Explorer’s address bar here but when I thought about it I realized something, Explorer beats Finder at just about everything. I’m not even an Explorer “fan” but Finder leaves a lot to be desired. Might have to give PathFinder a try and see if it is any better. 
  2. Ripping USB Drives Out – Even though I use an old Mac laptop as my “main” computer now I still use Windows both at work and home, everyday. I always just rip a USB drive out, I never go through the trouble of ejecting it. Doing that on a Mac however gives you an angry dialogue box. I will learn someday.
  3. RDP – Remote Desktop is fast. So fast, in fact, that I thought my router was dying the first time I tried using VNC. I’m saddened that Mac does not have some kind of RDP equivalent but it does at least have an RDC app that allows you to remote into Windows machines. Small victories. 



My Apple TV is Useful Again, Thank You XBMC!

I live in the stone age. I have no flat screen TVs that have an HDMI port. TVs to me are boring, like car insurance, the cool stuff is what you plug into the TV. Anyway, I received an Apple TV 2 as a parting gift from my previous employer, bought an HDMI-to-RCA/S-Video converter, and have been watching Netflix on it ever since. That is until mid-November when I ran an update and killed it.

Trying to watch any video on Netflix after the update would generate an HDCP error and not play, cool trick. After the December 4.4.4 update provided no relief I decided to jailbreak it and see if that helped at all. Success, doing that solved my HDCP playback issue, I can again watch Netflix on my gross, unwashed SD TV.

From there I installed NitoTV and through that, XBMC. The Apple TV 2 has now replaced a laptop I was using as a media center because it can now play Hulu, Netflix, and any video on my server(.avi, .mkv, etc).