Recreating Windows + L on Mac Using Quicksilver

Been looking for an easy solution to implementing a Mac equivalent to “Windows Key + L” to quickly lock my screen. Lots of articles I stumbled across have you using Automator to accomplish this but that is not the route I wanted to go. I also have a distain for hot corners so that option is out too. Then I realized I have been overlooking the solution this whole time, Quicksilver! Found a very helpful blog post that walks you through most of the setup but there was a couple things I had to tweak to make it work for me.

  1. I didn’t have to copy over the to my applications folder, I just use the one buried in the System folder. I did initially try to copy it over but when I ran into a snag I switched to using the original copy.
  2. After getting the hotkey to fire correctly, the screensaver would only appear for a second then pop back onto my desktop. I had to change the setting in System Prefrences > Security > General and select Immediately next to the “Require Password” checkbox.
That’s it, now I can walk away from my desk just as fast on both Mac and Windows.