Adult Swim, 10 Years of Watchable Cartoons

Adult Swim turned 10 in September so I wanted to list my top ten favorite shows from them over the last decade.

  1. Sealab 2021 – Without question this is my favorite Adult Swim show. I learned many things from Hank Murphy in his short two and a half season tenure as the Capitan of Sealab. The top three would have to be not taking my mustache off when asked to, that there can be only none, and that Alvis killed for my sins. RIP Harry Goz.
  2. The Boondocks – Woke up in a cold sweat when I realised I posted this list without the Boondocks on it. Crisis corrected.
  3. The Venture Brothers – Gets better and better every season as it builds on itself and fills in the back stories of the various characters. 
  4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force – I could really relate to this show as I worked in fast food when it came out.
  5. Moral Orel – Season three is both funny and slit-your-wrist depressing, hauntingly good.
  6. Frisky Dingo – Another great Adam Reed/Matt Thompson creation(Sealab being the other). 
  7. Metalocalypse – I’m not a huge metal fan so it took me a little while to give this show a chance but when i did, it was over. Great show, as to be expected from the creator of Home Movies.
  8. Squidbillies – I think this show is based on a true story, not certain though.
  9. Harvey Birdman, Attourney at Law – “Cookies on dowels!” ~Phil Ken Sebben
  10. Tom Goes to the Mayor – Still hope to eat at a WW Lazers someday.


Your Opinion is Shit, Mine is Stuff

Horseshit? Really? I felt the need to write a quick post about a Joshua Toplosky article on To me, it comes off like an audience member watching George Carlin doing his bit about stuff and then jumping up and screaming “Nuh-Uh, My stuff is stuff and your stuff is shit!”. It just comes off as insecure to me to attack others opinion and not address what they are saying. Either ignore it or make a case for why what they said is wrong.

Recreating Windows + L on Mac Using Quicksilver

Been looking for an easy solution to implementing a Mac equivalent to “Windows Key + L” to quickly lock my screen. Lots of articles I stumbled across have you using Automator to accomplish this but that is not the route I wanted to go. I also have a distain for hot corners so that option is out too. Then I realized I have been overlooking the solution this whole time, Quicksilver! Found a very helpful blog post that walks you through most of the setup but there was a couple things I had to tweak to make it work for me.

  1. I didn’t have to copy over the to my applications folder, I just use the one buried in the System folder. I did initially try to copy it over but when I ran into a snag I switched to using the original copy.
  2. After getting the hotkey to fire correctly, the screensaver would only appear for a second then pop back onto my desktop. I had to change the setting in System Prefrences > Security > General and select Immediately next to the “Require Password” checkbox.
That’s it, now I can walk away from my desk just as fast on both Mac and Windows.