Annoying UI

tl;dr The delete all images option shouldn’t be a top level choice.

I have a cheap Sanyo point and shoot camera that I dusted off recently to fill the void left by returning the iPhone 4 I was using to my previous employer. I still have a 3GS and the camera is less than stellar, to put it nicely, so I had to bring the Sanyo out of retirement until I get a new 4S. 

Getting past the awkward ring button control on the right, the most annoying/scary piece of UI on this thing is when deleting a picture. Instead of just a simple confirmation screen when deleting a picture it asks if you want to delete all pictures on the memory card. Not cool when trying to quickly delete a bunch of blurry pictures in a series you have just taken.

The delete all images on a memory card option should be a little more buried than one button click away. That would be like deleting a file on a computer and the confirmation screen asking “Do you want to delete this file?, all files on this computer?, or cancel?”. Dumb.