Trojan Phones, Hackintoshes, and Chicklet Keyboards

tl:dr use a Mac now, didn’t before.

Up until about three years ago I used Windows, exclusively. Linux was fun to tinker with and Mac I always scoffed at the price, Windows was it for me. Then comes the iPhone in 2007 with mobile Safari and I was shocked, it was the real internet in your hands, always with you. Three years later I’m in the process of migrating all my computers away from Windows to a totally Apple environment. 

Also, I don’t know what it is but I am a sucker for the keyboard style used on Apple laptops for the past six-ish years. I was walking to class one day and seen someone in the hall using a new black Macbook, it caught my eye so much I nearly stopped walking. Then I chuckled to myself as I walked away ridiculing the person in my head for how much more they could have gotten spec-wise with a Windows laptop. 

I had purchased a new 17″ Dell laptop for my second year of school and that was during the time when netbooks where just getting hot. I was able to tack on a Dell Mini 9 for something like $100 with my laptop purchase, how could I pass up a laptop for a hundred dollars? Shortly after that I stumbled upon an article with instructions to install OS X on a netbook. I was thrilled, you mean I get to use OS X without giving Apple a dime?!? Well not totally free, I did have to spend $30 for the insall disk but still, that pales in comparison to the cost of an actual Mac laptop.

After a few years of using the Dell with OS X installed on it, I eventually grew tired of the tiny screen/keyboard, being deathly afraid of updates, and fighting issues that could just be caused by the OS running on non-standard hardware. I scooped up a cheap Mac on ebay and have been planning the rest of my switch over ever since. Curse you Apple, with your gateway-drug phones and lovely laptops.